How to do dremel woodworking projects

Updated November 21, 2016

Dremel is the brand name of a high-speed rotary tool that's hand-held and versatile, making woodworking fun as well as creative and practical. Although used for craft projects other than woodworking, the Dremel tools are best known for doing woodworking projects.

Study a book for beginners. Besides the instruction manual that comes with your Dremel rotary tool, take advantage of as many resources as possible to learn how to use your new toy. The beauty of owning a Dremel is that you don't necessarily have to be an accomplished carpenter to operate the tool, as it easily allows woodworking novices to make professional looking wooden items. However, it helps to study resource books that outline the basics, such as "The Dremel Book" by Len Hilts.

Network with other Dremel users for project ideas and tips. Connect with woodworkers by subscribing to woodworking magazines. Join woodworking groups, as well as study Dremel websites and message groups, asking questions about projects.

Make wooden toys. By following patterns for wooden toys, you can not only explore a new hobby, but also surprise a favourite child with a homemade gift. If you have a son, younger brother or favourite nephew in Cub Scouting, you can use the Dremel 300 Series Rotary to make a Pinewood Derby racing car for the annual spring Pinewood Derby competition. Take a block of wood and draw a racing car. Then remove blocks of background wood with a coping saw or scroll saw. To shape and sand, as well as add contours and details, use your Dremel tool. Add wheels.

Redo old picture frames. Go to a thrift store and buy a cheap wooden frame. First, make decorative marks, giving the frame the look of antiqued, weathered wood. Then use your Dremel engraver attachment to personalise the frame on the bottom. For example, you could engrave the name of the artist or title of the art work in the wood.

Personalise a birdhouse. Besides making a wooden birdhouse, you can also use a Dremel high-speed cutter to decorate and personalise an existing one by burning out etchings and designs.

Do wood sculpting. Picture an image inside a block of wood, just as you "see a diamond in the rough." If you can draw, first sketch out a design on paper and then transfer to a block of soft pinewood -- about 3/4 inch thick. On the other hand, find a pattern and pencil it lightly onto a block of soft pinewood. Remove large chunks of wood with a scroll saw. Then use the Dremel tool to shape and add details. Finally, sand rough edges.

Make a yard plaque. Use your Dremel tool to make a wooden name plaque for your yard. Take a piece of soft wood. Use stencils to make the letters of your last name and then carve out the letters with your Dremel tool.

Make wooden Christmas ornaments. Start simple by designing basic shapes, such as stars and rectangles. Once you've mastered shapes, use your tool to make ornaments with simple, smooth lines, such as a snowman. You can also use a special Dremel bit for sanding.


Use light-coloured wood as it's better for contrasts when etching.


Use protective eyeglasses to prevent sawdust damaging your eyes. Thoroughly read the instruction manual before using your Dremel tool.

Things You'll Need

  • Dremel rotary tool and attachments
  • Woodworking patterns
  • Dremel instructions
  • Woodworking magazines and books
  • Soft wood such as pine
  • Scroll saw
  • Coping saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Old wooden art frame
  • Birdhouse
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