How to Create a Billing Statement in Microsoft Excel

Updated March 23, 2017

If your business deals with multiple items and sales to regular, repeat customers, using a billing statement is the most efficient way of managing your accounts. Rather than sending an invoice for each item, you can send a monthly billing statement that clearly and easily tracks your client’s account balance. In just a few steps, create a billing statement in Microsoft Excel that will help take the headache out of your business accounting

Go to Microsoft’s official site for the downloading of office templates. (Follow the link in Resources.)

In the left column of the page, go to the “Collections” section. Select “Finances and accounting."

In the middle column, go to the “Sales” section. Click “Statements."

In the left column, click the “Filter by Product” drop-down menu and choose “Excel."

Go through the available billing-statement templates and choose the one whose design and layout most closely reflects your business image and needs.

Click the title of your selected template and click the “Download” button. Accept the service agreement and wait for your template to start downloading.

Open your downloaded template in Microsoft Excel. Customize and adjust the design and text to reflect your company’s brand, products and services.


Take advantage of the powerful functionality and tools that Excel offers. You can sort, filter and easily calculate all of your clients' data. Using Excel to track your billing will make it easy for you to compile exact figures at the end of each quarter and year. For the best compatibility, create your quarterly and end-of-year profit and accounting reports in Excel as well.

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