Understanding scorpio men

Updated March 23, 2017

Scorpio is one of the more mysterious signs of the Zodiac. A Scorpio man is aloof and hard to interpret, which makes his emotions quite difficult to interpret and even more difficult to understand. With a little guidance and knowledge, however, you can know what you're dealing with.

Understand that Scorpios are known for their sex drive; however, the Scorpio male loves to be in love even more than he loves sex. This means that, while he may be easy to seduce, it's hard to form a relationship with him.

Give him his space because he is very independent. Nothing turns off a Scorpio male more than an overbearing partner.

Be aware of his ambitions. He strives to succeed and will not give up on those goals. Be supportive at all times.

Reassure him and provide positive support if he ever fails. The Scorpio male's desire to succeed makes him fearful of failure.

Be prepared that your Scorpio male will come and go. The Scorpio male is very flighty. For example, one week he may want to spend every minute of the day with you, but the next week, he may avoid you entirely.

Don't nag him. Although most males tend to dislike nagging, Scorpio males are very much disgusted with it.

Always treat him like he's special, but don't be overly romantic with the Scorpio male. He does not love gushy romance and likes his partner to be independent and assertive. At the same time, however, he wants someone who he feels is worthy of his affection.

Be warned that the Scorpio male is very sensitive and is easily hurt, despite his strong opinions and blunt nature. Try to remain noncritical and supportive of him at all times. Remember, he can dish it, but he cannot take it.

Avoid harsh words if you ever argue with a Scorpio. If you say something that hurts him--even if you do not mean it and later apologise for it--he will never forget it. And although he may forgive you, you will lose some of his trust.

Do not make promises that you cannot keep. Despite their flaws, Scorpio males are brutally honest and do not like to be misinformed.

Do not take his moods personally. He's a very moody and emotional man, but he's also very intuitive and loyal.

Be flexible. Scorpios do not like rigidity. They are spontaneous and open to change, and if you're not, don't expect him to stay around for long.


Before you even try to get into the mind of a Scorpio male, make sure you're compatible with him. Check your sign to see if he's a good match for you.


Scorpios are very intense, which means they can become very jealous and obsessive. He can be quite manipulative when he wants to be. If you notice excessive charm, you can safely bet that he probably wants something from you.

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