How to Convert Cubic Meters to Cubic Feet

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are given a volume measurement from anywhere other than the United States, then the measurement is likely to be in cubic meters rather than cubic feet. That's because the rest of the world prefers the metric system. You can learn how to convert the volume measurement to find the measurement you really need, however. Make sure you how to do this mathematical problem manually, not just on the calculator, in case you ever need to make the conversion and don't have a calculator capable of doing it.

Learn that there are 0.0283168466 cubic meters in a cubic foot. There are 0.3048 meters per foot. To convert this to cubic meters per cubic foot, cube it, which gives you 0.0283168466 cubic feet.

Take the measurement that is in cubic meters that you would like to convert to cubic feet and divide by 0.0283168466, the number of cubic meters per cubic foot. For example, if you want to know how many cubic feet are in 3 cubic meters, then divide 3 by 0.0283168466, which gives you 105.9440001 cubic feet.

Use a graphing calculator to make the conversion for you if you have one.

Consult your particular graphing calculator's user manual to learn how to access your calculator's conversion menu. The following steps are for completing this conversion on a TI-86.

Press 2nd CONV (the 5 button). This will open the conversion menu on the bottom of your calculator's screen.

Hit F3 to choose the volume conversion menu.

Type in the number of cubic meters that you need to convert to cubic feet, hit F4 to choose cubic meters and then hit F3 to choose cubic feet. Hit the Enter button, and the calculator will give you your measurement in cubic feet.


To convert from cubic feet to cubic meters, do a reverse of these instructions--instead of dividing by 0.0283168466, multiply by the number.

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