How to Change a Head Light in a Hundai Santa Fe

Updated February 21, 2017

Occasionally you will find the need to replace the headlight on your Hyundai Santa Fe because of damage to the light or simply because you want to change the style. There are different types of headlights including those that are more powerful and efficient and those that can change the colour of the light being emitted. Replacing the headlight is a process that you can do yourself in about a half hour, saving yourself the time and expense of having someone else do it for you.

Locate the rear cover of the headlamp on the inside of the Hyundai Santa Fe engine compartment, just behind the front grill and pull the cover off by hand.

Find the light bulb socket on the back of the headlight and turn the socket counter-clockwise to release it from the headlight, then pull the light bulb socket straight back to remove it.

Remove the three 10mm bolts that are holding the headlight to the vehicle frame from behind the headlight with a metric socket wrench.

Loosen the clip that holds the light bulb onto the socket and take the bulb out of the socket.

Place a new light bulb into the socket and slide the clip back into place to hold the light bulb in the socket.

Secure the new headlight to the vehicle frame with the three 10mm bolts using the socket wrench.

Plug the light bulb socket into the back of the new headlight and turn the socket clockwise to lock into place.

Place the rear cover back over the headlight by sliding the clips on the cover back into the slots behind the headlight.


While changing the headlight, its a good idea to change the headlight bulb as well since you will have access to it.


Use a dry cloth to hold the new light bulb while inserting it into the socket to prevent any oils from your hands getting on the bulb; oil will cause it to burn out early.

Things You'll Need

  • Metric socket wrench set
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