How to Make a Motorcycle Windshield

Have you always wanted a windshield for your motorcycle, but can’t find one for a reasonable price? Read on to learn how to easily make your own motorcycle windshield with a few simple tools.

Take measurements of current bolt placements on the light assembly and handlebars of your motorcycle. You must determine how you want to attach the windshield according to the availability of bolts on your motorcycle.

Take a large piece of paper (around 3 by 4 feet) and draw the outline of the shape you want the windshield to be. You will want to account for the bending that you will be doing on the plastic and for the angle that the windshield will be placed backwards with the windflow. Keep in mind that a more rounded top will be more aerodynamic, so you want to make a design that matches the look of the bike and will still be effective.

Match up the piece of paper with the motorcycle and mark all of the bolt-holes that the windshield will be mounted on. Make sure to take account of the size of the bolt-holes.

Cut out the design on the paper as smoothly as possible. Use a hole punch or an exacto knife to cut out the bolt-holes.

Use a sharpie marker to trace the design on a piece of heavy gauge plastic. Do this as smoothly as possible. Also, be as accurate as possible when marking the bolt-holes.

Use a mitre saw to cut out the shape of the plastic. Keep it slow and steady to prevent jagged and rough edges. Now, use a standard drill with a bit slightly larger than the attaching bolts to drill out the bolt-holes. Do this slowly as well for a clean cut.

Take a pad of mid-grade sandpaper and round of all the edges of the windshield. Make them look as smooth and flowing as possible.

Bolt on your new motorcycle windshield. You may have to buy new bolts that are slightly longer to account for the added width of the windshield.


Put a new blade on your mitre saw before making your windshield to provide for the cleanest cuts. Spend plenty of time sanding the windshield for a professional-looking finish. Buy a tinted shade of plastic if you want a darkened look.


Mitre saws and drills can be very dangerous. Always take extra care when using any kind of power tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Large piece of paper (around 3 by 4 feet)
  • Standard scissors
  • Hole punch and/or exacto knife
  • Sharpie marker
  • Miter saw
  • Standard hand drill
  • Mid-grade sand paper
  • New mounting bolts (only in some cases)
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