How to Remedy Flatulence in Babies

Updated April 17, 2017

There is nothing like listening to a baby crying and knowing that the baby has gas and can't pass it. There are many reasons that babies get colic, gas and flatulence, but what do you do to help relieve the symptoms?

You are what you eat and so is your child, especially if your child is breast fed. A breast-fed baby is at the mercy of mom's diet. If mom eats gas-causing foods like broccoli, beans or dairy products, chances are good that a few hours later baby is trying to fart. Unfortunately, often her system isn't mature enough to pass the gas as effectively as mom's does and that leads to crying, straining and sleepless nights. Limit your diet if you are breast feeding.

Blow dry the baby. Lay the baby face down on your lap and blow dry the baby's back. Using low heat, gently blow air across the baby's lower back. The combination of pressure on the belly and soothing heat on the back often relax clenched tummy muscles and when they relax, the gas passes.

Give the baby a cup of tea. An herbal tea made with catnip (yes, catnip) and fennel can be fed to the baby with a dropper. Catnip has long been a remedy for cramps and upset stomach and fennel helps to relieve gas.

If your baby is farting and passing a lot of gas, the culprit may be how you are feeding the baby, not what she is eating. Make sure to feed the baby in an upright position and burp every few ounces. Many times, the baby is gulping in great amounts of air with each swallow, so try several types of nipples. The answer to all your problems with gas and flatulence may be as simple as switching from one brand to another.


Look for bottle nipples that say for breast fed babies. They are longer and fit more naturally into babies mouths so that very little air is swallowed when feeding.


Check with the doctor if food allergies run in the family. Your child's flatulence may be a side effect of a food allergy, especially if mom is breast feeding.

Things You'll Need

  • Blow dryer
  • Catnip and fennel
  • New nipples
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