How to Make a Seine Net

Updated March 23, 2017

If you are unable to visit an aquarium, you can capture your own marine life by making a homemade seine net. A seine net allows you to capture and study marine life, and return them safely back into the water. A seine net also allows anglers to capture a large amount of fish and other sea foods so you may buy them at your supermarket. Whether you want to study marine life, or want to cook your own catch, a seine net will help you on this fishing expedition.

Search the woods for branches or use foam from mail packing supplies for your seine poles. Cut or break your wood pieces to the match the shortest side of your minnow net, if you use different sized netting. Large foam pieces from mail packing supplies and other bulk wastes are an affordable option to making a seine net and foam is easier to handle in the water.

Drill one hole through each end of the poles. If you are using foam, do not use a drill, as this will destruct the foam. Poke a pencil through the foam to make a hole, making sure the pencil is thick enough to fit the rope through the holes.

Attach the rope from each corner of the minnow net through the holes and tie a knot. Use the shortest side of the netting to attach to the poles, should you use different sized netting. If your netting does not have rope already attached at each corner, tie four pieces of scrap rope to each corner of the minnow net and proceed attaching the rope through the holes.

Attach lead weights to the mesh. Ask for help from the marine shop to find the right sized lead weights for your seine net, if the weights are not already included. If you decide to buy or use different size netting, ask for help in choosing the size and type of weight for your seine.

Store your seine net in a large bucket or other storage medium. Protect your homemade seine net by winding the net around the poles. Find a storage area where your project is safe and free from environmental damage.


Minnow seine is available in different sizes. Use any size minnow net, and adjust the size of the poles accordingly. Make sure the pole size is the same width of the netting. If you do not have a local marine shop or cannot find minnow net, use any kind of mesh netting.
Color the foam or wooden poles to attract fish, and easily find it in rough waters.


Always follow manufacturer's instructions when using a drill. Use goggles and practice safety precautions. Wear a life jacket if you are boating and practice marine safety precautions. If fishing regulations have not been established, where you are using your seine net, have respect for marine life. Create an ethical Catch-and-Release policy for your boat or crew. Allow all creatures to live if you are not hunting for food.

Things You'll Need

  • 4x4 minnow seine
  • Two 4-foot wood (or foam) poles
  • Drill
  • Rope (optional)
  • A large bucket
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