How to Dress Like Indiana Jones

Updated July 20, 2017

Throughout the Indiana Jones movies the main character dons a distinctive and dashing adventuring outfit that readily identifies him as a 1930s serial adventure hero. If you want to integrate Dr. Jones’ style into your own wardrobe, finding the correct elements are easier than you may think.

Track down the correct fedora. Nothing screams “Indy!” like a rough, snapped brim brown fedora. Not any fedora will do, however. The original from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was manufactured by Herbert Johnson hats of London. The model is called the Poet. The colour was a dark mink brown, and the brim was 2 3/4” front and rear, and the sides were subtly trimmed to 2 5/8.” It was dressed with a 1 ½” grosgrain ribbon. This is a tall crowned and big hat for a physically large man. If you are not a strapping 6-footer, you might want to consider one of the numerous licensed products that are very similar in look, if not quite as dramatically large, such as the Stetson or the excellent Beaver Brand Hats model.

Find the perfect jacket. Indy’s jacket is as iconic as his hat. The design is unique, but, fortunately for us, it is readily available. The jacket has gone through four subtle permutations, changing subtly in construction and colour through the four movies. Fortunately for us, a perfect replica is available through Wested Leather at

Acquire the ideal safari shirt. Dr. Jones’ shirts are very unusual, and they are not typical safari shirts. First of all, the colour is a light tan or stone colour. Second, and what really makes them stand apart from the crowd, are the “ribbons” that run from the shoulder seams down the front, crossing the pocket centres. Again, high-quality replicas of these shirts are available through various sources. I am fond of the ones offered by Wested at the same link as the jacket. Additionally, less expensive replicas show up on eBay on a regular basis.

Get the right trousers. The trousers made for Harrison Ford were tailored by the costume shop for him. The pattern, however, was that of WWII Naval officers’ trousers in the colour that was called “pink” in the era. It is a dark tan with a brick red undertone that takes the grime of adventuring well. These are available through sites that cater to WWII re-enactors. The trousers are wool twill and the hems are a deep military style so that they don’t catch on the tops of your boots. Great replicas are available through World War II Impressions at

Walk in Indy’s boots. As a young carpenter in Hollywood, Harrison Ford preferred Alden work boots. These boots are well-made and offer awesome foot and ankle support. You may never want to wear anything else! They are still manufactured, now under the name of the “Indy Boot,” but unfortunately the colour is not the same tone as was worn in the movies. It is close though, and, after you have made your way up to the headwaters of the Amazon you won’t be able to tell the difference! Available through Alden Shoes at

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