How to Sharpen Tweezers

Over time, your tweezers may become dull, making it difficult to pull hairs. In order to avoid buying a new pair of tweezers, you can use a few household objects to sharpen the tweezers and make them work like new again.

Get a piece of sandpaper. You can use a small strip of sandpaper to sharpen your tweezers. If you don't have any on hand, you can use an emery board.

Tweeze the piece of sandpaper. Pull at the piece of sandpaper several times as if you're tweezing it.

Switch sides and use the other blades of the tweezers. Make sure you pull at the sandpaper from all sides in order to sharpen the blades. As you use the tweezers on the sandpaper, the blades will sharpen and any gunk stuck in the tweezers will be removed.

Use a sharpening tool to sharpen tweezers. If you find that the sandpaper doesn't effectively sharpen your tweezers, you can look for products designed to sharpen multiple tools. The Sharpening Supplies website (see Resources) sells tools to sharpen your tweezers, including a water stone kit.


You may only extend the life of your tweezers by a few weeks or months when sharpening the pair. You may have to purchase a new pair in order to stay sanitary. If you purchase your tweezers through the company Tweezerman (see Resources), you can send in your dull tweezers and have them returned to you sharpened at no additional cost besides postage.

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