How to Make Paper Baskets

A fun project for kids is making a basket out of construction paper. Many kids want to make baskets for Easter, but kids can also make them as party favors to hold small gifts or to help organize small items.

Cut 8 strips of construction paper measuring 3/4-inch wide and 12-inches long.

Use a coordinating color of paper for the rest of the strips. Cut 5 strips of construction paper measuring 1/2-inch wide and 16-inches long and 2 strips 1-inch wide and 16-inches long.

Make a cross of 2 12-inch strips and glue them together in the center. Do the same with the other 6 strips, then arrange the crossed strips on top of one another to form a 16-point star. Glue them all together in the center.

Glue a 5-inch paper place in the center of the star. Fold the strips upward at the edge of the plate so they stand in a vertical position.

Weave the 5 1/2-inch strips between the vertical strips. Glue the ends of the strips together on the inside of the basket. Take care to start each strip in a different place so the glued-together ends aren't stacked on top of each other.

Fold one of the 1-inch strips in half lengthwise and place it over the top edge of the basket. Don't glue this strip to the basket yet. Next, fold the second 1-inch strip so each long side meets in the center of the strip. Glue the strip at this seam, then fold and tuck the ends of the strip under the strip forming the top edge of the basket to make the basket's handle. Adjust the ends until the handle is the length you want.

Glue the ends of the handle inside the top edge, then glue the edge to the basket on both the inside and outside of the basket.


Partially fill the basket with Easter grass or tissue paper before placing eggs, candy or other objects inside. You can decorate the outside of the basket with lace, sequins, foam cut-outs or other lightweight items.


Don't place heavy objects in the basket. They may cause the bottom of the basket to collapse or the handle to tear away if you lift the basket.

Things You'll Need

  • Construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • 5-inch paper plate
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