How to Build a Go Kart

Kids of all ages like go karts because the karts basically let kids drive in little vehicles without a license. Go karts can be expensive to buy, if you can even find pre-made ones. Building a go kart is your best option. You can build a go kart from scratch and create a completely custom made one, or you can build a go kart from a plan.

Create a realistic budget that you can work within. It's easy to get carried away when you build a go kart and add all sorts of options, and these costs can quickly add up. Be prepared to invest a significant amount of money (and time) into the building of your go kart.

Determine the type of steel frame you'd like to use when you build your go kart. There are two options--pipe (which is round) or square (which is angular). Square pipe is cheaper and easier to manipulate. Pipe steel looks better, but is harder to mold.

Figure out if you're willing to ad the expense of a suspension or if you're just going to use larger tires to absorb any shocks.

Find a go kart plan that fits your needs, or get one professionally drawn up based on what you would like. Purchase the building materials and any special equipment required to make the go kart (see Resources below).

Build the front A-arms assembly. This section is the A-shaped supporting piece on which the front wheel and steering wheel will be attached. Weld the pieces together according to your plan. You can use steel clips to keep the steel in place as you weld.

Lay down the steel pipes according to your plan. Weld the pieces together. Round he body and roofing frame. Add the bucket seats.

Make the drive axle step-up assembly. Build the steering system assembly. Add a steering rack converted from an older car like a 1990s Hyundai. Install engine, add seat belts if necessary, install the suspension system and put on the wheels.


The best horsepower for a go kart is 10 HP, although you'll find that most are built using an 8 HP engine. Send engine parts that need to be fitted to an auto mechanic. Your mechanic can also properly weld, cut or drill any steel frames. Make sure these parts are put together properly since they make up the body of your go kart and are important for your safety.

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