How to Compare Concrete Versus Clay Roofing Tiles

The choice of roofing material is an important factor to consider for homeowners. To make an informed decision before such a major investment, it is wise to compare concrete versus clay roofing tiles and learn the pros and cons of each roofing material.

Understand that when compared to other roofing materials, both concrete and clay have a higher performance rating as well as many qualities in common. Some of these shared qualities are similarity in appearance, energy efficient, good insulators, Class A fire rating, durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Concrete and clay tiles may outperform some roofing materials in these areas.

Know that concrete tiles may look similar to clay tiles, but the manufacturing processes are vastly different. Clay tile manufacturers use natural sources of clay. The process entails extruding, pressing or shaping and firing the clay at high temperatures. To make concrete tiles, manufacturers add color to extruded concrete and form it in molds. Then the tiles go through a curing process in open air for strengthening.

Realize that clay tiles are approximately 30 percent more expensive than concrete tiles.

Compare the colorfastness factor for clay and concrete tiles. The color of concrete tiles fades more over time. Fired clay maintains its color longer and can withstand many weather conditions.

Look at the durability factor. Both are quite durable, but concrete tiles can last between 30 to 50 years, while clay tiles may offer a higher level of durability (100+ years).

Recognize that clay may enhance the property value and the aesthetic appearance of the home. It may be a better insulator and has a lower maintainability factor than concrete. Concrete tiles are easier to install than clay tiles and come in a variety of colors. Due to the lower cost of concrete tiles, it may be a good choice to consider when you have a limited budget.

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