How to Calculate Costs on a Chimney Rebuild

Maintaining your fireplace and chimney can preserve the value of your home and prevent fires or other malfunctions. Calculating the cost of a new chimney can save you time and money when looking to rebuild.

Get the facts. You need to write down the specs of your chimney. If you have a copy of your house plans--which every homeowner should--you can look there for exact dimensions. You can also get on the roof and take the measurements you need by hand. You will need the height from the roofline to the top of the chimney. Also, take measurements for thickness, width of each side, number of sides and each side, if they are different heights.

Calculate the amount of square inches that needs to be rebuilt. The rebuilding cost runs approximately $100 to $200 per square inch. This is determined by the materials used and the labor cost, which you can save on if you are rebuilding the chimney yourself.

Decide on the materials you would like to use. If you are using the standard bricks or stones, the cost can be quite reasonable. But you can also take this opportunity to update the chimney with a more modern stone look or something that matches the theme of the house.

Hire a chimney sweep. It's a good idea to hire a chimney sweep to come in and clean while the chimney is dismantled. They need to clean all the way down to the fireplace and also inside the fireplace. This is also a good opportunity to inspect for other possible damages or hazards (see Resources below).

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