How to Swim With Dolphins in the United Kingdom

Updated February 21, 2017

To swim with the dolphins in the United Kingdom is very therapeutic. When people swim with the dolphins, it relieves stress and relaxes one. Many places in the UK have charters that take people to areas around the area to swim with the dolphins. There are some "swim with the dolphins" programs that allow swimming with captive dolphins, but it is always more fun to swim in the ocean. People can also swim with the dolphins by themselves off the beaches of the United Kingdom.

Swim with the dolphins in a controlled environment at some of the facilities that have dolphins in captivity for shows. These places will have sessions for swimming with the dolphins. If you are not sure about swimming with wild dolphins in the ocean, this is the best way to swim with the dolphins.

Swimming in the ocean with dolphins can be arranged through charter services. Many services advertise day trips swimming with the dolphins. They have equipment to use or bring your own snorkel, wet suit and goggles.

Swim with the wild dolphins with your friends. Many areas of the United Kingdom have beaches where the dolphins come into the shallow waters and play with the people. This is a good place to swim with the dolphins.

Rent a boat and travel to deeper waters or secluded areas around the beaches and swim with the wild dolphins. The dolphins will allow you to hold onto the dorsal fin and pull you around the coves in which they call home.

Deepwater swimming with the dolphins should be done with caution. A wet suit, inflatable life vest, scuba diving equipment and skill is needed to swim with the dolphins in the deep waters. The dolphins can take you down deep in the waters. Only experienced divers should use this way to swim with the dolphins.


Use a charter service until you become comfortable with wild dolphins.

Always wear an inflatable life vest.


Never go swimming with the dolphins alone.

Never go into waters that you do not know.

Things You'll Need

  • Snorkel
  • Goggles
  • Wet suit
  • Inflatable life vest
  • Scuba diving equipment
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