How to Make Laminate Floors Shine

Written by christine sostarich | 13/05/2017
How to Make Laminate Floors Shine
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Are your laminate floors looking a little dull or do you just want to keep your new floor shiny and looking new forever? There are some great ways to get and keep your laminate floors shiny. Read on to learn how to make laminate floors shine.

Keep your laminate floors free of dirt and dust. Dirt and small bits of rocks and hard debris can cause scratches which will dull any surface. Keeping your laminate floors well swept or vacuumed will prevent your shine from becoming dulled.

Remove the residue from your floor. If your laminate flooring is dull looking it may just be coated with residue from improper cleaning techniques. Most conventional floor cleaning products leave residue behind which builds up and causes a dull finish. In order to remove residue from your laminate floor safely, try wiping it with straight vinegar in a small area. Repeat this process until you find the shine hiding under the dull residue.

Mop your floor as little as possible. You really shouldn't need to use any kind of cleaning product other than water on your laminate flooring. Mop with a cloth strip mop as you can squeeze most of the water out of these types of mops and the floor will dry very quickly. If you floor has water spots after mopping you may have hard water. A quarter cup of vinegar per one gallon of water should prevent water spots when mopping.

If you laminate floor is old, you may not be able to revive its shine with cleaning. If you have tried to remove cleaning product residue and your floor is still dull it may have had its surface worn away. A mop on floor shiner can add some shine back on to your laminate flooring. You may need to apply a couple of coats of floor polish such as Future or Holloway House Floor Shine and be sure to apply it evenly. A periodic application of one of these products will keep you laminate floors shiny.

Things you need

  • Vinegar\nCloth strip mop\nMop-on floor wax

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