How to Grow Brazilian Jasmine

Updated July 20, 2017

Brazilian Jasmine, also known as Mandevilla, is a tropical climbing vine native of Brazil that yields fragrant, showy, trumpet-shaped flowers during its growing season from early spring until fall. Fast growing, its woody vines can reach heights as high as 10 feet ,requiring a trellis or a fence for support.
Perfect indoors, or out, Brazilian Jasmine is an easy care, low maintenance plant with prolific, spectacular blooms.

Choose a healthy budding vine, preferably already trained on a trellis or a support.

Maintain and grow your plant in a container so you can move it indoors before the first frost.

Provide ample light. When outdoors, Brazilian Jasmine requires bright light but can be placed in partial shade. Indoors, place it in a well-lit spot. A sunny window is best.

Keep the soil moist. Brazilian Jasmine needs well-drained mulch or potting soil. It prefers consistently moist soil. Do not allow soil to dry out or become too soggy. To fertilise, use a low concentration, slow-release fertiliser in spring and again in late summer.

Pinch back flowers after they have bloomed to encourage bushy growth. In the winter, prune plant back almost to the soil to allow it to develop new shoots in the spring.

Things You'll Need

  • potting soil
  • mulch
  • trellis support
  • slow release fertiliser
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