How to Tell if a Guy Really Does Like You

Updated November 21, 2016

Sometimes, it is hard to tell if a guy likes you. All guys have their own ways of showing their affection and interest, but there are some similarities among most guys. Some guys are straightforward with girls they like, while others will play it cool. Just remember: Because everyone is different, not all signs will be true for your guy.

Pay attention to how often he calls or text messages. Guys will call if they like you because they want to talk to you. A lot of guys don't talk on the phone very much unless they are interested in someone. If he sends you text messages during the day just to let you know he's thinking about you or to say "hi," chances are he likes you.

Notice if he is stopping by to visit places where he knows you will be. Does he come to your work, to your favourite hangout or to your softball game? A guy will make excuses to stop by places where a girl is if he wants to see her.

Ask yourself if he sends you flowers or gives you little gifts when he sees you. Guys want to see girls smile. If your guy is bringing you your favourite candy bar or a rose, chances are, he likes you.

Think about what he says to you when you are talking about a problem that could be fixed with a little help. For example, if you need car work done but you have no one to drive you to work, does the guy offer to drive you, even if it is out of his way? If you need someone to feed your cat while you are gone for the weekend, does he volunteer? Guys want to help out the girls they like. This will make a guy feel good and, in turn, he will make you feel good, too, which makes him happy.

Keep track of the places you go when you do things together. Is he trying to impress you? Did he remember the pizza place on Green Street was your favourite and take you there one night? If a guy likes a girl, he wants to make her happy and do things that please her. He will remember important details, and he will follow through on them.

Pay attention to his facial expressions and gestures while he talks to you. If he makes eye contact with you and touches you lightly while talking, he is flirting with you, which means he is interested. Look at his smile, too. A nice, genuine smile is a sure sign that he is into you.


If a guy remembers your birthday or the day he met you, he likes you. Many guys have a hard time with dates, and so if they are remembering special dates with you, then you are important to this guy.

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