How to Build a Wooden Terrace

A terrace is usually and outdoor living space that's typically paved, but can sometimes be made out of wood. Terraces are great ways to make the most of your outdoor space and create a comfortable area for sitting, eating and socializing. A wooden terrace is often easier to make because you're not dealing with stone, patio blocks or cement. For the same reasons, it's often cheaper to build a wooden terrace.

Measure the location where you'd like to build your terrace. Draw up a rough plan of how you'd like the terrace to fit in that area. The plan doesn't have to be professional and simply be just a very rough sketch. Add measurements for length, width and height.

Take your rough sketch with the measurements of your terrace to your nearest home hardware store. Discuss with the lumber employee which type of wood you should work with and how much you'll need to build a wooden terrace to the specifications on your sketch. You'll likely need pressure treated wood.

Level the ground where you'd like to build your terrace, if applicable. Apply a layer of gravel to help drain rain water. You won't need to do this if you're going to build a wooden terrace over a pre-existing concrete deck or on a flat rooftop.

Construct a basic frame and strengthen it with cross members. Leave enough space between the lengths of wood for water to go through and drain away.


If you're building a wooden terrace on a roof, you may need to get it examined by a professional to see if it'll be strong enough the hold the weight of several people, garden furniture and plants. Not all roofs are built strong enough to handle that amount of weight.

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