How to write a follow-up email for a job application

Updated April 17, 2017

You have recently submitted a job application for a position you would love to have. But how do you help your application float to the top of the pile to get an interview? You can do this with a follow-up e-mail after a job application. The follow-up e-mail will place your name in front of the interviewer and help them find your application faster.

Address the follow-up e-mail to a specific person. This might be the head of human resources or the recruiter who posted the ad you answered.

Introduce yourself to the person using your full name. Tell the person when you sent in your application and how you sent it to the company.

Tell the interviewer that you would like to follow up on the status of your application and mention the specific title of the position.

End the follow-up e-mail telling to job interviewer that you look forward to hearing from her concerning the position. Give time frames and a number where you can be contacted to set up an interview.


Send the follow-up e-mail three to five days after you have submitted the job application. Run spellcheck on the email and keep it professional.


Send only one follow-up e-mail after your job application. If you have not got a response in a week, move on to another job opportunity.

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