How to Decorate Dessert Plates

Updated April 17, 2017

When you serve your guests dessert, do you feel that there's something missing? Does the plate look a little plain to you? When you order a dessert at your favourite restaurant, how does the plate look? Are there beautiful designs made with raspberry sauce or an elegant dusting of cocoa powder? Your dessert plates can be just as beautiful, if you follow a few simple steps.

Consider the dessert. Before you think about how you're going to decorate the plate, you must consider what you're serving. This will help you decide on flavours and colours. Remember that your guests eat with their eyes first, but don't forget about the flavours in the dessert.

Choose flavours that compliment each other. The decoration on the plate is more than just for looks. The decoration can also add flavour. For that reason, it's important to choose flavours that compliment the flavours in the dessert. For example, if you're serving a white chocolate cheesecake, you may want to decorate the plate with a raspberry purée.

Make colourful fruit purées. Fruit purées make a beautiful decoration. This is because there are so many vibrant colours available. Blueberries make a beautiful purée and kiwi purée is absolutely stunning. Play with different fruits to see what colours are available, but remember that the purée must compliment the flavour of the dessert.

Keep it elegant. When it comes to decorating a dessert plate, simple is elegant. A drizzle of fruit purée, along with a dusting of icing sugar around the edge of the plate, is simple yet very elegant.

Don't forget the whipped cream. Whipped cream compliments the flavour of any dessert. Plus it looks beautiful when you pipe a small amount next to the dessert.

Add a sprig of mint. Mint adds colour and completes the presentation.


Taste the fruit before making a purée to make sure it doesn't need sugar. You can prepare dessert plates before the party start and store them in the refrigerator.


Don't overdo it. These are decorations and they should not take away from the flavour of the dessert.

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