How to design a man cave

Since ancient times, men have needed a sanctuary to be by themselves. The need a place where they can devolve to their primal state and enjoy the rougher things in life. While burps, farts, cat calls and heckles play a minor role outside of the man cave, inside the cave those bodily functions sounding off are practically a language of their own! Whether you're designing a new man cave for yourself with a low budget or have millions, follow these easy steps to design the ultimate man cave.

Focus on your taste. This is your space that no one can take away from you. If you like it dark and dank, that's your perogative. Whether your man cave is the basement or above the garage, it's important that your own unique tastes are magnified iny the decor If you're a football fan, run with that and create the ultimate space for you and your buddies to hang out and watch the games on Sunday. If you're a cinema buff, decorate with movie posters. You get the idea. Once you have a theme in mind for your man cave, it's time to start filling it up with cool stuff.

Outfitting the joint: The television is the cornerstone of every man cave. Whether it's a 60 inch flat screen with surround sound or a seven inch black and white without cable, you'll definitely need it. If you can afford to plop down a few thousand on an entertainment system, do it! If not, pawn shops are great places to pick up decent media equipment at a fraction of the sticker price. Buyer beware: Pawn shops aren't exactly known for their honesty. You won't be able to return what you buy, but it is a potential, albeit risky, shot at getting a larger television for your man cave. Of course, you'll need cable or a satellite dish to access every channel and a DVD player including booming base speakers that turn up loud enough to drown out aeroplanes passing overhead.

Buy furniture: Now that you have something to watch, you'll need something to sit on, preferably a huge couch or recliner. If you intend to keep this man cave to yourself and eschew all visitors, go with the recliner. However, if you're the social type, get a nice big couch that can accommodate all of your friends. Nothing is worse than returning from the bathroom only to discover someone has stolen your seat. If price is no object., La-z-Boy ( has some killer couches and recliners guaranteed to keep you in your man cave until your wife threatens to leave you. If you're part of the 99 per cent of the population that doesn't have a bottomless wallet, check around the local thrift shops and Salvation Army stores.

Snaz up the place. You'll want to do something with the flooring and walls. Remember, once you spill beer on carpeting, that bar smell is there for good. If going on the cheap is your objective, leave what's there and spend your money elsewhere. You'll have to cover those nasty walls with something and nothing is more impressive than a Fathead. has fan-favourite wall graphics of sports and entertainment stars that stick to your wall and transform your man cave into a suite at the stadium. also has a wide selection of posters to fulfil your man cave needs.

Decorate: To be truly comfortable in your man cave, you need to feel like you're in your element. One easy way to do that is to get all of your sporting equipment out of the attic and bring it to the man cave. That way you and your friends can play a little indoor pickup game during commercials. Any sports memorabilia works.

Lock the door. The ultimate man cave is self-contained. You should keep a fridge full of two cases of beer within reaching distance. A bathroom isn't a bad idea either. To truly make your man cave your own, it's never a bad idea to put a lock on the door. You don't need the kids barging in while you and the boys are doing keg stands during half time of the Broncos game.

More than anything, the man cave is a sanctuary to let men return to their roots and let it all hang out without fear of reprisal. Whether you're a millionaire or just moved into an apartment, the man cave principle is the same. You can spend thousands on a man cave or a few hundred dollars, but the knowledge of knowing this is your territory is priceless.

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