How to Tell if a Guy is Genuine

Updated April 17, 2017

Guys are sometimes on their best behaviour only until they have you hooked. Learn the telltale signs that show whether a guy is genuine or just mid-conquest.

Listen to your gut. Think back to a guy who disappeared after being super charming and ask yourself whether you remember feeling hesitant about his intentions. Your first instinct is usually right.

Watch his body language. Does he always check out other girls when you are out together? It may seem harmless, but it is a sign that his attention is not necessarily geared toward a long-term commitment with you.

Look out for the self-proclaimed "flirt." Flirting is harmless and even healthy in relationships. It reminds us that we are desirable and affirms our decision to be with the person whom we have chosen. But constant flirting can be a sign of a guy who always has his eye out for a better deal.

Find out how long it has been since his last serious relationship and whether he has since been dating. This is a good way to tell whether a guy is genuine. It is important for him to rebound from his last love, and although men can move on faster than women, everyone needs time to re-evaluate what they are looking for in a partner.

Make sure you are not trying to fit yourself into a mould to be with a guy. Sometimes it can seem like conversations, plans and even your romantic time together can become monopolised by him or his needs. A genuine guy will spend an equal amount of time focusing on you.


Don't lie to yourself. If your gut tells you he isn't genuine, run in the other direction.


It may take awhile to really know whether your man is genuine.

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