How to address a letter to a judge

Updated July 20, 2017

Some letters are more important than others, but few will be as important as a letter to a judge. Take the time to address it properly and it will serve you well.

The first line of the envelope should be addressed to "The Honorable Judge [First and Last Name]. " You can abbreviate "Honorable." Example: The Hon. Jane Doe

For the second line, include the official title of the judge (for instance: "Associate Justice" or "Judge"), add a comma, then include the full name of the court. Example: Chief Justice, United State Supreme Court

Use the remaining lines for the address of the court.

The same full address is repeated at the beginning of your letter, which should be in a standard business format (see Resources).

Use "Dear Judge [Last Name]" as your greeting.

Proofread the address carefully before submitting for the mail for typos so that it can be delivered properly. If handwritten, be certain all letters are legible.


Print and keep a copy of any letters you write to a judge, or any other official.


If you are addressing a judge about an ongoing case, always talk to an attorney first.

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