How to Make Bird Feeders With Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Kids often like watching animals and nature. Attracting wild birds to your yard is especially enjoyable, for children and adults. One way to make your yard more bird-friendly is to provide bird feeders. Seed feeders will attract a variety of birds and possibly squirrels. Thistle seed will attract finches. Sunflower seeds will attract song birds. Experiment with different types of seeds to see which works best for your area. You can even try peanuts!

Cut two holes 2 1/2 inches from the bottom of the jug. The holes should be large enough for a bird to access the seed, but not so large the seed spills. For thistle seeds the hole should be about the size of a pea. For a small seed mix, the hole should be about the size of a nickle. For a sunflower seed mix, the hole should be about the size of a quarter.

Cut a small slit 2 inches below each hole.

Slide the bamboo skewers through the slits to make a bird perch under each hole.

Cut a small hole near the mouth on each side of the bottle.

Thread the wire or string through the holes and tie the ends together.

Roll the paper plate into a funnel and put it into the hole of the bottle. Pour the seeds through the funnel into the bottle to fill the feeder.

Replace the lid.

Secure the feeder to a tree. If possible use a tree that you can see easily through a window from your home.


Use a bird identification guide to help kids identify visitors to the feeder. Keep a journal or log of the different species you see.


Once a month bring the jug in and wash it. Unclean bird feeders can lead to the spread of disease among the birds using the feeder.

Things You'll Need

  • Bird seed
  • Wire or string
  • Paper plate
  • Empty plastic bottle with wide mouth opening
  • Two bamboo skewers
  • Sharp knife
  • Adult help and supervision
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