How to Cure Leg Ulcers

A leg ulcer is basically an open wound that doesn't go away on its own. You may experience some swelling, pain and itching at the site of your leg ulcers. Since leg ulcers can prove troublesome, you'll want to find a way to cure them. Read on to learn more about how to cure leg ulcers.

Visit your physician. Your doctor will likely run a series of tests, such as CT Scans or X-rays, to confirm diagnosis and find out the cause of the leg ulcers.

Take antibiotics. If the open wound's infected, you'll have to take antibiotics in order to treat the ulcer.

Use the dressings provided by your physician. To cure leg ulcers, your doctor will have you wrap your leg in special medicated dressings. The dressings compress the ulcer and stop the swelling.

Apply a topical cream to the leg ulcers. Your doctor may suggest using Neosporin daily to help heal the leg ulcer.

Stay healthy at home. After following medical advice, you'll want to treat and prevent leg ulcers by practicing good health practices. Keep the ulcer clean, drink a lot of water, exercise regularly and eat a well-balanced diet.


If you're prone to leg ulcers, your doctor may recommend aspirin therapy. Aspirin therapy involves taking a dose of aspirin to help prevent blood clots. Sometimes, you may need to treat the underlying cause of the leg ulcer to successfully cure it. This is true in the case of leg ulcers due to poor circulation, hypertension and diabetes.

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