How to Make a Keg Barbeque

Updated February 21, 2017

Making a keg barbeque is a good way to recycle an old aluminum or stainless steel beer keg and have something useful to show for it. It makes an excellent covered grill that won't rust and will be an interesting conversation piece in the backyard or at the next tailgate party. Here's how to make one.

Use the measuring tape to find the center of the top, the bottom and both sides of the keg. Mark the centerline by making a chalk line along the center of each of the four sides and snapping a line all the way around to create a cutting guide.

Insert the metal cutting blade into the power saw and cut the keg in half, length ways along the chalk line. Work slowly and carefully around all four sides to make a clean, straight cut.

Put the halves back together to check that all four sides line up. Sometimes cutting the halves will make them slightly out of shape. If the edges don't line up properly after the cut, tap the inside edges of each half with the hammer to bring them back into alignment before proceeding.

Decide which of the halves will be the top and bottom of the barbeque and which sides will be the front and the back. Measure the placement of the hinges on the back side of the halves, marking each hinge about three inches out from the center of the back side so the top of the barbeque will swing open freely. Drill the bolt holes for the hinges with the power drill and install the hinges.

Measure the placement of the wooden handle on the front side of the top half of the barbeque about two inches up from the edge. Drill the bolt holes for the handle and install the handle.

Determine the size of the stainless steel grill you need to complete the barbeque by measuring an inch and a half from the inside of the bottom half, lengthwise. Then take the measurement width wise, and that will give you the measurement of the size stainless steel grill you will need to purchase.

Set up the legs of an old TV tray to act as a cradle stand for the finished barbeque. Set the keg into the stand so the top half opens freely, and fill the bottom with charcoal. Light the charcoal, and when the coals have a uniform coating of fine, white ash, set the grill over the coals and start cooking.


Line the bottom of the barbeque with heavy-duty aluminum foil to make clean up easier after the coals have died out. If you can't find a TV stand with hinges that restrict how wide the legs expand, you may have to improvise by tying string around the legs to keep them from collapsing when you set the keg barbecue into them.


Be careful when using the keg barbeque. All the metal parts will be very hot while the coals are burning.

Things You'll Need

  • Aluminum or stainless steel beer keg
  • Measuring tape
  • Marking pen
  • Chalk Line
  • Power saw and fine toothed metal blade
  • 2 rust resistant metal hinges and stainless steel metal screws
  • Outdoor grill type wooden replacement handle
  • Power Drill
  • Rectangular stainless steel replacement grill
  • Aluminum legs from an old TV Tray
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