How to Remove a Lingering Curry Odor

Terrible cooking odors, such as curry, can settle into every nook of your home. Aromas that you enjoyed with your meal don't just stay in the kitchen, but become a part of your home, lingering for a while before traveling to the furthest corners of your house. Once you realize that curry has taken over your house, you must make every attempt to oust the odor.

Sniff around your home the day after you prepare a meal that uses curry. Go outside for a while and close the door behind you. When you go back in, you should be able to smell the lingering curry odor, if it is still present.

Open the windows and air out your house, particularly if it is a windy day. Allow your house to air for 6 to 8 hours before determining if the smell has gone. Wash cabinets with soap and water, mop the floor and vacuum the carpets throughout your house.

Visit your local hardware store and look for a live microbial agent, if the smell is still evident. The lingering odor of curry is a problem because of the oil. Mix one part live microbial agent with one part water, in a spray bottle, to use as a degreaser.

Degrease everything. Spray the live microbial solution over every surface in your home. Include curtains, carpet, countertops and anything else in your home. Treat your kitchen drains per manufacturer's directions.

Allow the treated areas to air dry with open windows. Repeat the treatment weekly until the lingering odor has disappeared.

Replace your air filter to be sure you are not further circulating the odor of curry.


When cooking with curry, be sure to use as much ventilation as possible to avoid a lingering, overwhelming odor. Some people suggest using an ozone generator. This works to some extent, but may also degrade rubber and other materials in your home.


Reports have shown that it is almost impossible to remove curry odor from an apartment. Painting and shampooing the carpets are helpful, but not always successful in getting rid of the curry smell.

Things You'll Need

  • Sponge
  • Dish soap
  • Live microbial agent
  • Spray bottle
  • Air filter
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