How to make a loose tooth fall out without pulling it

Updated February 21, 2017

Hasten the arrival of the tooth fairy by giving a loose tooth some help when it just won't fall out on its own. A common problem dealt with by many parents, is constantly hearing about a dangling tooth. Outwit your child and help cause the tooth to fall out without revealing your motives.

Eat apples daily. Biting into the flesh of an apple can really work loose teeth out when they're loose. If your tooth is missing after having an apple, it may be wedged in it.

Serve corn on the cob with at least one meal a day to give loose front teeth a good work out. Give the tooth a good work out through constant chewing, which helps the tooth to fall out on its own.

Gnaw on some jerky. Find a nice tough piece that requires lots of prying and pulling to it finish off.

Offer your child some salt water to swish around their mouth. If the tooth is already very loose, it may fall out. Play a game of swish and spit with plain water, flouride mouth rinse or salt water.

Chew some taffy. If your still trying to get your child's tooth to finally detach, give them some candy. The sticky gooey taffy is sure to catch it.


Some children may be scared it's going to be painful to have the tooth fall out, especially when it's hanging from their gums.


Be careful your child doesn't swallow the tooth if eating foods to get it to fall out. While it should pass without a problem, you could have a very unhappy child without a tooth for the toot fairy. Pulling a tooth out, or getting it too fall out too quickly by loosening it can cause dental problems with the new tooth replacing it.

Things You'll Need

  • Apples
  • Corn on the cob
  • Jerky
  • Water
  • Taffy
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