How to Setup an Xbox 360

Updated July 19, 2017

This article explains how to set-up an Xbox 360. One of the newest and most popluar video game systems is Microsoft's Xbox 360. When someone receives a Xbox 360, actually setting the system up can prove to be frustrating. Different cords go to different places, and the way in which other components are set-up can change how these cords are configured.

Remove all of the components from the box and check the items against the list included in the manual. It should include a console, power adaptor, and colour-coded audio visual cords.

Check to see if other components such as a DVD player are already set-up with cords running to the television. If so, you will need to plug the Xbox 360 directly into the back of the DVD player, not the television.

Locate the colour coded audio visual cord. This is the yellow, white and red banded tips. Plug those directly into the television, or into the back of the DVD player if step 2 applies.

Locate the high definition audio visual cord. This is the purple, green and blue tips. If you have a high definition television, plug those directly into the back of the T.V. to play your Xbox 360 in hi-def.

Locate the power adaptor. This is the rectangle box. There is an output jack that plug into this box and then the wall. Plug one end into the wall and the other into the Xbox360.

Identify which channel the game system will be played out. For most televisions this will be channel 3. However, some have a TV/video input channel on the television or remote specifically for other components should as the Xbox 360.

Place a Xbox 360 game into the console by ejecting the tray, and after you have found the correct channel, your Xbox 360 will be set-up.


For online play, run an Ethernet cord from your router directly into the back of the 360. You may also choose to purchase a wireless adaptor for the game system that will eliminate the need to run a cord.

Things You'll Need

  • Xbox 360
  • Television
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