How to Make a Jewelry Box Cake

A jewelry box cake amazes any little girl, or any jewelry lover. Using your imagination, you can customize a jewelry box cake to fit the personality of the person receiving it. Though it's time consuming, the result is well worth the effort.

Decide which type of lid you want for the jewelry box cake. You can make a lid out of hardened chocolate or graham crackers.

Melt colored chocolate pieces in a double boiler, and pour the chocolate into a wax paper lined cake pan, the same size of the cake. Let the chocolate cool until set and then remove it from the pan.

Cut off a 2-inch section on the short side of the chocolate lid. Decorate it with white sugar pearls, colored icing or silver balls. Attach a small gumball near the center front of the chocolate lid for a handle. Set the lid aside and let the decorations set.

Line four graham crackers in a row vertically, making sure the ends touch. Beneath that row, line up two graham crackers horizontally, making sure all the edges of the graham crackers are touching to make a square.

Melt white chocolate in a double boiler and pour over the graham cracker square. Cover the square completely with chocolate, thinking of the chocolate as the glue that holds the crackers together. Let this dry at least five hours, or overnight.

Invert the lid once it's dry, and icing with colored frosting on the side not covered with chocolate. Decorate the underside of the lid with candy flowers, silver balls, candy sugar or write the birthday girl's name. Set aside while you make the cake.

Bake two rectangle cakes using a 13-by-9-inch pan. Let them cool completely. Stack them together and cut off a 2-inch section on one of the short sides of the cake. Save one of the cake strips for the jewelry box drawer.

Icing the top of the bottom cake and place the second cake on top. Icing the entire cake using the color of your choice, or cover it with fondant.

Take one of the 2-inch sections of saved cake, cut it to size, and attach it to the bottom of the cake with icing, so it looks like a drawer. Icing the drawer, and attach a gumball or other round candy as a handle.

Create jewelry box compartments using cut licorice sticks, sugar wafers, cut chocolate pieces or fondant. Make different sized compartments on the top of the cake.

Attach the lid by using lollipop sticks or standing it straight up and attaching it with icing. You must attach the lollipop sticks at an angle to the compartments with either melted chocolate or fondant, because icing is too soft and won't hold as well.

Hold the lid steady until the chocolate or icing sets on the lid. Once the lid sets, fill the jewelry box compartments with candy necklaces, bracelets, rock candy, ring pops and silver candy balls. Decorate the rest of the cake with icing and candies.


If you have trouble making an edible jewelry box lid, cut a piece of cardboard to size, icing it, decorate it and attach it to the cake with frosting. Use a small piece of tin foil as a mirror for the jewelry box lid.

Things You'll Need

  • Melted chocolate
  • Cake pan
  • Cake decorations
  • Graham crackers
  • White chocolate
  • Frosting
  • Cake mix
  • 13-by-9-inch cake pan
  • Licorice twists, sugar wafers, fondant or cut chocolate
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Candy jewelry
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