How to Install the Bobbin on a Sewing Machine

A sewing machine bobbin is an integral part of the system. You must thread the bobbin correctly for the sewing machine to work properly. Here are some basic tips to install a bobbin on a sewing machine. Be sure to read the directions for your machine as well.

Open the bobbin cover. Take note of the direction the thread comes from the bobbin. Remove the bobbin from the machine.

Raise the needle to its highest point. Release the pressure on the machine's flywheel. There's usually a knob on the flywheel to turn or push to do this.

Set the thread on the spindle. Loop the thread through the tension disk of the bobbin winder. Thread the bobbin from the inside out. Snap the bobbin onto the bobbin-winder spindle. Push the bobbin winder into gear.

Hold the loose end of the thread in your hand. Use the foot feed to start the sewing machine. Wind the bobbin. Continue to hold the thread in your hand until it breaks on its own. When the bobbin is full, the machine stops automatically.

Cut the thread. Release the bobbin winder gear. Put the sewing machine's flywheel back into gear. Pull the bobbin off the bobbin-winder spindle.

Make sure the bobbin is going in the right direction as you set it back into the machine. Typically, if the machine winds the thread in a counterclockwise rotation, the thread feeds off the bobbin in the same direction.

Loop the bobbin thread around any tension loops in the bobbin case. Hold the end of the thread in your left hand as you lower the needle into the machine with your right hand. The needle should catch the bobbin thread and bring it up through the feed dogs. Replace the bobbin cover and you're ready to sew.


Remember to remove any lint in the bobbin case to make your machine operate more efficiently. For best results, buy and use bobbins specifically made for your make and model sewing machine.

Things You'll Need

  • Bobbin
  • Thread
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