How to Buy Hard-to-Get Tickets on Ticketmaster

Updated April 17, 2017

With the high demand of certain sporting events, shows and musical concerts, purchasing tickets online can be nearly impossible, unless you buy from a third-party ticketing source or ticket scalpers. Ticketmaster is an online event ticketing agency that provides millions of fans with the opportunity of purchasing tickets to their favourite shows, concerts and events. Of the millions of fans fighting for tickets, knowing when tickets go on sale and how the Ticketmaster interface works will put you at an advantage when you are trying to buy hard-to-get tickets.

Find the tickets you want on the Ticketmaster website by entering the artist, team or venue name into the search bar at the top of the page and pressing the red "Search" button. Scroll through the listings and click on the "More Info" link next to each listing to get more information about sale dates and times.

Click on the "Onsale Dates & Times" tab to see the on-sale date and time. All sale times are listed in Eastern Standard Time, so convert the sale times according to your time zone.

Revisit the Ticketmaster website the day of the ticket sale and about 5 to 10 minutes before the sale time. Allow a few minutes to access the website due to heavy traffic. Wait for the tickets to go on sale on the Ticketmaster website by constantly refreshing the ticket sale screen until a "Box Office" tab appears. Once the "Box Office" tab appears, you will be able to enter the quantity and price of the tickets you want and the section in which you wish to sit.

Press the red "Find Tickets" button on the bottom to continue. Depending on the web traffic, it may take up to 15 minutes to find the tickets you want. If Ticketmaster locates tickets for you, you can continue with the checkout process as normal and choose to pick up your tickets at the venue box office, have them delivered via U.S. postal mail or have them converted into an electronic file, so that you can print the tickets from home.


Do not refresh your browser page as Ticketmaster attempts to find tickets for you. If you do, you will lose your place in line for the tickets you want.

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