How to dry clothing indoors without a dryer

Updated February 21, 2017

A clothes dryer is convenient, but it may not be the best alternative. Dryers shrink clothing, cause wear and tear on fabrics and create stubborn wrinkles if the clothes aren't removed right away. Dryers also consume energy that increases your utility bills. Hanging clothes on the line doesn't cost a cent and leaves the laundry fresh and wrinkle-free, but may not be an option for everyone. Instead, hang clothes inside on a drying rack, which takes up little space in the home and folds for easy storage.

Assemble the clothes rack and place it in a well-ventilated area of your home, such as near a hot air vent.

Remove clothes from the washer and shake gently to remove wrinkles or folds.

Spread the article of clothing over the rack so that the entire garment is exposed to the air. Fold larger items, such as jeans or shirts, so they drape over the rack with equal amounts of fabric on each side.

Remove clothes from the drying rack when all areas are dry. Shake to remove any wrinkles. Fold and store as usual.


If clothes dried by hanging inside are stiff or have wrinkles, throw them in the dryer for five minutes to fluff and remove wrinkles. String a clothesline in the basement or laundry room, if space allows, and hang clothes to dry. Place a fan near the drying rack to speed drying.


Avoid drying heavy clothing on drying racks when weather is hot and humid, as prolonged dampness may cause problems with mould or mildew. Do not place drying racks close to objects that emit intense heat, such as a wood stove or oven, as the fabric may ignite unexpectedly.

Things You'll Need

  • Drying rack
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