How to Plan a Wedding Blessing

Whether you're an officiant, parent, friend or relative, planning a wedding blessing can be stressful. You want to make sure that the blessing you give is inspirational and touching for the couple. Use these steps to plan your wedding blessing.

Look at examples of wedding blessings. You can use scripture, poems, lyrics or romantic quotes in your wedding blessing. A few popular authors that you could quote include Shakespeare, Christina Rossetti and St. Augustine. Buy "Wedding Blessings: Prayers and Poems Celebrating Love, Marriage and Anniversaries" by June Cotner from Amazon for more ideas. Aside from examples online, you can also talk with wedding officiants in your area and ask for examples of blessings they've given.

Respect the religious affiliation and heritage of the couple. There are many types of blessings that you can give, but they may not all be appropriate. If the bride and groom are having their wedding in a church, plan a scriptural blessing or offer a prayer. Likewise, if the couple is Irish, you might plan on using a traditional Irish blessing.

Talk with the people involved in the wedding ceremony. The officiant can let you know more about the appropriateness of your planned blessing, such as whether it's appropriate for a woman to offer a prayer at the service. The couple may have a favorite poem. Some families have a traditional blessing that has been used from generation to generation.

Be sincere if you write your own blessing. If you know the couple's spiritual walk is important to them, focus on aspects like faithfulness to God and each other. You can also look at the blessing as a time to wish the married couple success in all their endeavors, hope for the future and other well wishes.

Keep it short. Remember that the wedding isn't about you. Plan on your blessing being given in under five minutes. Before the wedding, practice and time the blessing.

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