How to write a reference letter for a student teacher

Updated February 21, 2017

Student teachers need good reference letters to help them secure jobs in the field of education. With so many applicants in the teaching world, the student teacher reference letter must make the applicant stand out and shine above all the other people applying for the teaching position. When writing a reference letter for a student teacher, describe how the student teacher made learning meaningful for children. Read on to learn how to write a reference letter for a student teacher.

Set up a meeting with the student teacher to review all of his learning throughout the entire experience. Perhaps he learned something from his student teaching that you weren't even aware of.

Ask the student teacher what goals she accomplished through the student teaching experience. You can use her answers to better help you write the reference letter for the student teacher.

Make note of how well he presented themselves. Brainstorm all of the times that the student teacher went above and beyond the call of duty. Recall times when the student teacher created meaningful experiences in the classroom.

Think about one specific experience in the classroom when the student teacher set off a light bulb in the mind of a child. Including specific examples helps you write a good reference letter for the student teacher.

Use all of the ideas to write a very informational reference letter for the student teacher. Be persuasive in your reference letter to give the student teacher a better chance at getting the job of her dreams.

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