How to Adjust a Wind up Clock

Wind up clocks use a series of oscillating wheels and springs that make the clock run. Adjusting a wind up clock is a simple process that requires understanding how the clock works and determining which wheel to turn to change the clock to the time you want it to read.

Check the correct time with a clock that is believed to be the right time in your time zone. Determine which time you'd like to set the wind up clock to.

Pick up the wind up clock and turn it over. You'll see two winding knobs. Move one of them and check on the front of the clock to determine if you're changing the time with the minute hand or with the hour hand.

Set the correct time using the correct knobs on the back of the clock. Compare the correct time with the time you've set your clock to. Make sure it's correct.

Remove the back of the wind up clock on some clocks in order to find the wheels that change the time. If you remove the wind up clock's stand and alarm bells, you can see the inside of the clock, which includes only about 12 moving parts, mainly gears.

Adjust a wind up clock that doesn't have visible knobs on the exterior by moving the wheels on the inside of the clock that are the correct wheels to adjust the time.

Return the back panel on the wind up clock without knobs to its original position. Use the clock as needed.

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