How to Level a Bumpy Lawn

A lush green lawn adds to the beauty of a home. A well managed lawn speaks for itself, whereas a lawn in a bumpy state points towards poor maintenance. Below are some of the many ways by which you can level your lawn.

Check the lawn for any hidden tree stubs, buried logs or uneven soil distribution. Remove all pieces of wood and use a rake to distribute the soil on the lawn to even it out.

Try a different technique and use a hose to water a bumpy lawn. When the ground is damp, throw new grass seeds on the lawn.

Go to the hardware store and rent a lawn roller and lawn tractor. Fill the lawn roller with water up to the required mark. Attach the roller to the lawn tractor. Use a horizontal row motion to drive the tractor over the bumpy lawn.

Employ an alternative method and fill up the low lying areas of the lawn with sand. Spray water on the lawn and use a lawn roller to even out the whole area.

Take a different approach and mark the bumps on the lawn with a latex spray paint. Take a spade and remove the bumpy patches of grass. Once you reach the soil base, mix in some compost and fertilizer. Cover with soil and water the area. Press down gently to keep it compact.

Call a professional landscaping company to get the job done.

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