How to Write a Receptionist Job Cover Letter

The receptionist most often provides the first impression of any company or organization. Greeting visitors or clients, answering the phone and maintaining a professional office atmosphere are just a few of the many valuable contributions to a place of business. Personality, training and skill all play a vital role in the quality of a receptionist.

Familiarize yourself with the company seeking a receptionist. As you read the job advertisement and learn about the company, pick out the parts of your resume that meet or exceed the qualifications expected. This will provide the information you need to write your cover letter.

Address your cover letter to a specific person or personnel department director. You should have this information from your research or from the advertisement. Personalizing your cover letter makes it more likely to end up where it should be.

Direct your introductory statements at identifying the receptionist job and your ability to efficiently perform the duties. Give the department director the feeling that you truly get the importance of the receptionist's role in relation to the atmosphere of the office.

Use the body of your cover letter to prove your experience is suited to the duties required for the company. This is the time to write about your adaptability to multi-task in a busy office and work as an effective team member. Clearly provide a positive attitude and excitement about your role as a receptionist.

Provide insight about how your experience as a receptionist can be an asset to the company. The department director will be looking for someone who has taken the initiative to understand the purpose of the company.

Ask for an interview when you write the concluding paragraph. A brief statement of appreciation for consideration is appropriate. Inform the director if there is a specific time of day that you are, or are not, available.

End your cover letter with a closing such as "Sincerely," or "Respectfully,". Maintain a professional attitude throughout the letter.


If you are applying for a receptionist job and you have no experience, focus on your skills working with people on volunteer projects or activities. Being a receptionist requires quality people skills.


Avoid using a form letter for your cover letter. Personalizing the letter will make it stand out and allow you to highlight your skills with regards to the specific requirements of the position.

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