How to Buy Girl Scout Cookies

Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs, oh my! If you are wondering what to do if you spot a Girl Scout selling in front of a store you're visiting or one comes knocking at your door, don't panic. The cookies come is some great-tasting varieties that you can't always get anywhere else. So pick up a few boxes and make a little girl smile.

Find a local Girl Scout troop by either looking up your area on the official Girl Scout website or by calling your local Girl Scout council. Most cookie-selling seasons across the country are between January and April, but some areas sell between October and November. Ask the troop when they will be selling or accepting orders for Girl Scout Cookies.

Stop at a Girl Scout cookie stand set up in front of a store you are visiting. Pick up a box or two to help a good cause. They'll accept cash or check.

Buy a few boxes if one of your neighbors comes selling door-to-door. In some areas the troop has the cookies already in hand, while others may take orders that are delivered in a few weeks.

Discover a favorite cookie and buy a few more boxes if the opportunity presents itself. After all, you'll have to wait another whole year.


Each Girl Scout council sets their own price for their cookie sales. The price is determined by the needs of their local area. About 70 percent of the money the local Girl Scout troop collects from their cookie orders stays in their local Girl Scout council. A portion also goes directly to the troop itself. The rest of the money goes to the baker to pay for the cookies. Orders of Girl Scout Cookies can be tax deductible, but only if you leave the actual cookies with the troop. They will then take that money and use it for their troop's many projects. No need to be concerned about keeping Kosher with Girl Scout Cookies. All of the many varieties are kosher.


Girl Scout Cookies can not be purchased online. You have to go to the source in order to buy the tasty morsels.

Things You'll Need

  • Cash or check
  • Craving for Girl Scout cookies
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