How to find a date of incorporation

Updated April 17, 2017

A company's incorporation date is the date on which is was officially registered at Companies House, the UK Registrar of Companies. In order to operate as a limited company, a UK business must register at Companies House, in accordance with the Companies Act 2006. A company can be incorporated online or by paper, and certain documents must be produced as part of the process, including the application form IN01 and a memorandum of association. Basic information on every company in the UK, including the date of incorporation, can be found easily online at no charge.

Visit the Companies House website. Click on "Find Company Information."

Enter the full company name or company number in the appropriate box. Select the type of name, for example "Current / recently dissolved names" or "Previous names." Click "Search."

Look at the search results. The company you are searching for should be highlighted in yellow. Click on the company number in the far left hand column.

Read the company details. Scroll down until you reach "Date of Incorporation." The date next to this is the date on which the company was incorporated.

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