How to eat healthy for blood type O

Updated November 21, 2016

A fairly popular dieting and nutrition idea that has been gaining celebrity fans is to eat the kinds of food appropriate to an individual’s blood group of either A, B, AB or O. Naturopath, Dr Peter D’Adamo is convinced that our blood group can be an indication of the types of food we should eat or avoid for maximum health and correct weight level.

According to Boots WebMD, the belief is that each blood type digests lectins and proteins in a different way from each other. Type O blood group is humanity’s oldest blood line and this person’s metabolism “retains the memory of ancient times.” As with many food-related health plans, opinion varies as to the effect of eating such specific food solely based on blood group.

It seems evident that few medical experts will endorse a way of eating that involves any blood type avoiding certain nutritional groups of food. Dr D’Adamo, however, and others who have tried the diet, believe blood group is an excellent indication of which foods will best suit for optimum health. If in doubt at adopting any new health plan, please seek medical opinion before radically changing your diet to suit blood type O.

Foods to Eat

Lean meats such as lamb and beef, as well as poultry and fish will suit the metabolism of blood type O, which is the carnivore of the blood groups. WH Foods suggests that vegetables are also important to this blood group and you should include azuki beans, kale and green vegetables. You may also eat plenty of fruit, with a few exceptions.

According to the So Feminine site, you can freely consume a variety of nuts, including almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts and walnuts. Healthy oils for blood type O include olive, rapeseed and walnut. Rice, oats and quinoa are also good for this group and offer a healthy alternative to wheat.

Foods to Avoid

Blood type O individuals should restrict the consumption of grains, breads and pulses, or any food containing wholegrain and gluten. WH Foods suggests you should also strictly avoid most dairy foods and eat eggs only in moderation.

While some vegetables are healthy for blood type O, you should avoid potatoes, cauliflower, cucumber and leeks, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and corn. Peanuts, Brazil nuts and poppy seeds are also best avoided, as are several spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and white and black pepper.


People with blood type O, which is the most ancient blood type, evidently have the strongest digestive system and they should take vigorous exercise as this helps to reduce excess stress. According to Aqua for Balance, this group requires exercise to maintain good physical health and emotional balance. Vigorous exercise such as hiking, biking, swimming and jogging are excellent for blood type O.


Seek medical advice before changing the diet.


Check about any health concerns with reducing or removing a food group from the diet. Ensure you are considered fit enough before increasing physical activity.

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