How do I track my order from eBay?

The online auction site eBay is a fertile place for bargain hunters. Private sellers and companies use it to sell a vast array of different items. Once you have bought your item, however, it will almost always need to be posted. When possible, tracking your item gives peace of mind that you will receive it. If the seller prints an eBay or PayPal shipping label, you can track the item via the eBay website. Alternatively, you can track it via Royal Mail.

Via eBay

Go to Click on the “My eBay” link.

Navigate to the left-hand side of the page. Click on “Won.”

Find the item you wish to view. Click on the tracking number link underneath its title.

Contact the seller and shipping carrier if you have any questions or problems with receiving the item. Contact eBay if the problem remains unresolved.

Via Royal Mail

Go to Click on the “Personal Customers” link.

Click on the “Tracking” tab in the “tools” menu on the left-hand side of the page.

Enter the 13-character Royal Mail parcel reference number supplied to you by the seller. Click the “Track” button.

Be aware that the tracking function has four track points – at the point of dispatch, at the processing centre, at the Inward Mail Centre and at the Delivery Office.

Contact Royal Mail if you have any questions regarding your delivery.


Selecting a postage option that includes tracking is also a good idea in case the item goes missing. You can use the evidence from the tracking procedure to claim a refund.


Postage options with tracking are more expensive than normal first or second-class postage – but they do offer more peace of mind.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Tracking number
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