How to add a Belkin repeater to a UK homehub

Updated July 20, 2017

The Belkin repeater is a wireless device that picks up your existing Wi-Fi transmission from a router -- including BT's homehub system in the UK -- and retransmits it to extend the range of your network. It uses an auto-connect feature that can detect the details of your network and automatically pick it up for retransmission. The repeater is then positioned in a location on the boundary between your existing homehub Wi-Fi coverage and the new area you want to extend your network into.

Position the Belkin repeater near to your existing homehub wireless router -- approximately 3 to 6 feet -- and connect it to the power outlet. The repeater will switch on when the power cable is connected.

Press and hold the "Auto Connect" button for 10 seconds. The "Searching" light will flash as the device locates the strongest Wi-Fi network in range.

Release the "Auto Connect" button and the Belkin repeater will automatically associate itself with the strongest Wi-Fi signal in the area, which will be your homehub router as it's only a few feet away. The "Searching" light will turn off to indicate that the Belkin repeater has found, and linked itself to, your homehub network.

Unplug the Belking repeater and move it to a location between the existing homehub router and the new area you want to provide with Wi-Fi coverage.

Plug the Belkin repeater into a power outlet at the new location. The repeater will pick up the homehub's signal again and retransmit it into the new area.


If Wi-Fi is excessively slow in the new area, reposition the Belkin repeater slightly closer to the homehub router to strengthen its signal. The Belkin repeater is universal and will work with any Wi-Fi router.


Using a repeater cuts the Wi-Fi bandwidth in half in the new coverage area, as it must receive and retransmit every connection and signal. Therefore, connection speeds in the new coverage area will always be slightly slower.

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