How to attach a fence post to concrete

Updated April 17, 2017

A robust fence can help to secure your garden by keeping pets and children inside and predators and pests out. Whether you’re installing a wooden panel fence, close-board fence or picket fence, the wooden fence posts in each corner and along the run of the fence give the structure its strength. The key to attaching a wooden fence post to concrete is to first drive the fence post into the ground and then use the concrete to secure the post in its hole.

Dig a hole for each fence post with a standard garden spade or a post-hole digger. You can hire post hole diggers from tool hire centres and some hardware shops.

Excavate the hole to a width of about 300 mm/1 foot or three times the width of the post, and depth of around 600 mm/ 2 feet to hold a standard 2.5 m/ 8 feet tall fence post.

Drive the wooden fence post into the hole by hammering it with a wooden mallet. If necessary, cover the mallet head with rags and tape them into place. This prevents the mallet from splintering the top of the wooden fence post. Drive the post into the hole far enough so that it stands on its own. Prop the post upright with broken bricks or hardcore.

Mix the concrete with the amount of water specified by the manufacturer. Prepare the concrete in a tub or wheelbarrow. For some types of ready-mix concrete, you'll need to pour the water into the post-hole first, then add the dried concrete on top of the water.

Pour the ready-mix concrete into the hole surrounding the fence post so that it fills the gap between the edge of the hole and the post. Continue to pour the concrete until the level is just above ground level.

Smooth the surface of the concrete with a trowel to give a neat appearance around the base of the fence post. Prop the post in place with short wood batons placed diagonally from the fence post to the ground. This supports the post while the concrete dries.

Check the post for level before the concrete has a chance to dry. Adjust and secure the baton bracing.

Wait for the ready-mix concrete to dry. The concrete hardens and support the fence post, adding strength to the entire fence structure.


Mark the location of the fence posts on the ground before you start to dig the post-holes. Ready-mix concrete starts to harden as soon as you stop mixing it so insert all fence posts into the ground before mixing and pouring the concrete into the post holes.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden spade
  • Post-hole borer
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • Wheelbarrow or tub
  • Mallet
  • Rags
  • Stone hardcore or broken bricks
  • Wooden batons
  • Spirit level
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