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Updated April 17, 2017

Convert PDF (portable document format) files to Microsoft Word documents to rewrite, edit or completely change the layout of a PDF document. Editing is the primary reason people convert PDF to Microsoft Word. PDF files are impossible to edit without purchasing the full version of Adobe Reader and Writer. Even if you have the full Adobe suite of programs, editing is more intuitive in the Microsoft Word interface.


Convert the PDF file to a Microsoft Word document online if you only need to do the conversion occasionally. If you are planning to convert files on a regular basis, download a free PDF to Word document converter (see link in References). For those in need of serious PDF editing, rather than convert your files to Word, it is best you purchase Adobe Writer.


PDF to Word document conversion software allows the user to convert entire documents, pages and portions of text, labels and graphics from multiple pages. Most software allows the user to select an array of options or settings for how the finalised file format will appear (Including lower or higher resolution, colour and text-only formatting). Download free PDF to Word conversion software if you need only the minimal conversion features. With free software conversion programs, you will have some limitations, such as not being able to copy password-protected PDF files. You can get a password-recovery program to resolve this problem, however.

Conversion Process

The PDF to Word document conversion software attempts to preserve formatting from the original document by saving it as the source file. The text spacing, text blocks, objects and images are preserved after the file is converted. However, when the PDF file contains intricate layouts, such as nested tables and complicated graphics, the converted document will not appear the same as the original. This problem can be minimised by purchasing professional conversion software from an established vendor like Adobe or Microsoft. With free software, select the option to use "Text Box" or "Preserve Original Formatting" to keep the original PDF file formatting in the new Word document. To use formatting options, look for the General tab in the free software. In PDF to Word Converter, there is a General Options section. Select Retains Shapes and Images > Preserves Character Spacing. Place a check mark in the box next to the label "Open Document for Editing after Conversion." Choose Microsoft Word from the Doc Reader drop-down list box. Click the Convert button to open the file in Word. Easily convert the Word document back into a PDF file by downloading the free version of Cute Writer (see link in Resources), or use Acrobat Distiller if you have it installed on your computer.

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