How Does Bacteria Enter the Human Body?

Updated November 21, 2016

Bacteria can be found all around us in our environment. We are exposed to bacteria on a daily basis in our homes, the grocery store, at work and just about anywhere we go. Our immune system is constantly working to keep the bad bacteria from harming us. Not all bacteria is bad for us either. There are many strains of good bacteria that are found in our digestive system like acidophilus, which help us by eating the bad bacteria. Good bacteria help us to have a healthy immune system. Some doctors call these good bacteria "the good bugs."

Antibiotics can Throw your Body off Balance

When a person takes antibiotics, this medicine kills off both the good bacteria and the bad bacteria, which can result in yeast overgrowth from the bad bacteria shortly after taking the medication. This is why many doctors advise patients to take probiotic supplements right after taking antibiotics.

More doctors are also starting to be more careful about prescribing antibiotics in the first place and these doctors are only using them when absolutely necessary. The reason for this is because the overuse of antibiotics has resulted in super bug mutations that are resistant to even the strongest antibiotics. Good bacteria also called flora is found in many foods such as yoghurt, kefir, unprocessed foods and unpasteurised foods. Good bacteria is also given in large doses to babies through their mother's breast milk.

How Bacteria Enters the Human Body

Even though there are many strains of good bacteria there are also strains of bad bacteria like streptococcus bovis which can make us very sick. Bacteria can enter the human body either through our mouth or an open cut or wound. Usually bad bacteria has a harder time making us sick when it enters through the mouth because of the good bacteria in our digestive system defending us. Every person is different and some people are healthier than other people. The good bacteria may not always be able to win so it's always important to take precautions like not eating raw meat, practicing good hygiene, avoiding spoiled foods and keeping food surfaces and utensils clean.

The bad bacteria can also enter the human body through an open wound or cut. This can cause the cut to become infected and if the bad bacteria is aggressive it can enter the bloodstream and cause many other problems, including death. This is why it is very important to keep cuts clean and use some type of antibiotic ointment on the cut.

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