How Much Does it Cost to Install Wood Fencing?

Written by amanda williams | 13/05/2017
How Much Does it Cost to Install Wood Fencing?
Turn your wood fence installation into a do-it-yourself project. (Nick Daly/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Installing a wood fence in your backyard gives your family privacy. Fences also give your home a safe, designated space to let your children and pets run free. The cost of installing a wood fence is dependent on various factors.


The material of your wooden fence is a major cost factor. For example, a redwood fence panel measuring 6 by 8 feet costs between £22 and £48, while pine fencing of the same size costs between £19 and £32, according to Cost Owl in 2011.


Where you live affects the overall price of wooden fencing. For example, if you live in the Charlotte, NC zip code of 28201, expect to pay between £7 and £11 per linear foot of fencing in 2011. Costs will also vary based upon the ease of the project, since minor construction is required to remove large rocks and tree stumps in the path of the fence.


Installation for a 150 linear-foot fence costs between £401 and £603, according to Home Wyse in 2011, while a 300 linear-foot fence costs between £709 and £1,069.


Save yourself up to 50 per cent of the total cost by doing the fence installation yourself, according to Cost Helper.

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