My LG Washer Doesn't Drain

A computer digital panel on newer LG washing machines displays an "OE" for drainage problems. Older LG models do not notify you but will simply not drain the water. LG recommends first checking the drain pipe for kinks to alleviate the problem. If your washer still experiences drain problems, check the drain filter and the timer.


The water pump in the LG washing machine directs water out of the washer tub during the machine's spin cycle. The pump funnels wastewater out of the machine through the drain pump filter and into the drain plumbing system of your home.

Mechanical Problems

A malfunctioning water pump or impediment in the drain filter will not direct water through the washer's drain mechanism and out through the drain pipes. A defective timer may prevent the LG washer tub from activating the spin cycle.


Check for a clog in the drain pipe filter of your LG washer. The drain pump filter is located in a small compartment at the bottom left of the front of your washer. Test the water pump and the timer of your LG washer with a multimeter -- a device that tests for electrical continuity -- or call a service repairman who owns special equipment to check the devices.

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