How to Buy a Commercial Greenhouse

Updated March 23, 2017

If you have a passion for gardening, you might consider starting a commercial growing business. A commercial-sized greenhouse where you can grow plants year around can help make your new business a success.


To get the most money out of your new greenhouse plan ahead for the type of plants you want to grow. Bedded plants take up the most shelf space. Fruits or vegetables that grow on vines take up more vertical space than horizontal and will need a supporting structure to climb on. Measure the lot or yard where you plan to build your greenhouse to make sure it is large enough to accommodate the structure.

Types of Greenhouses

Commercial greenhouses come in many shapes and styles. For areas that experience heavy snowfall, a domed or arched greenhouse works best because the shape of the roof will allow the heavy snow to slide off the top of the structure. Even-span greenhouses cost less to build, but require sturdy roof support.


Depending on your location, you may need to purchase additional equipment. Greenhouses built in cold climates usually require heaters to keep them warm so that the plants will continue to flourish even during the winter season. Also, adding shelves, tables and pots can double or triple the floor space of your greenhouse, allowing you to grow more plants than you could using floor space alone.

Purchase Your Greenhouse

Make your greenhouse purchase after you've decided on the plants you want to grow, measured the lot you plan to use, and determined the greenhouse style that best suits your environment. You can purchase commercial greenhouse kits that you can build yourself, or have a contractor build for you. The kits start at about £32 for a tiny, not commercial-sized greenhouse. Generally, the larger the structure, the more expensive the kit. A small-sized commercial greenhouse kit costs about £5,850 to £13,000, and a medium-sized greenhouse kit costs about £13,000 to £32,500. You can find three top greenhouse kit suppliers in the Resources section. All three provide clear pricing and shipping information on their websites.

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